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Good News For Advertlets Singapore Bloggers!

We have some very interesting news for bloggers in Singapore that we’ll like to share. And to top that off, we are rolling out some new programs to optimize earnings further! Read on…

Advertlets Reaches MORE Singaporeans Online, And Our Ad Slots Are FILLED!

We’re happy to announce that Advertlets now reaches over 100,000 online viewers in Singapore PER DAY. These are network-wide uniques – meaning that even if a single online user were to visit 30 different blogs with Advertlets ads installed, that user would only be counted once. Hence this is a very accurate count of our true audience reach through the banner ads installed on blogs.

We would like to thank you for helping us grow so quickly – and would like to reinforce our commitment to make Advertlets a viable platform for all bloggers of all traffic ranges, not just celebrity bloggers. We at Advertlets consider this a significant achievement as not only do we have the reach – we are able to provide more ad opportunities to more (and nearly ALL) bloggers than the competition.

Every month, we have sponsored post opportunities that bloggers are welcome to apply for, as well as ad campaigns that run every day across the WHOLE network. Because, as someone has said before…it’s not one blogger can do, it’s what thousands of bloggers can do – and we believe in putting that into practice!

Sponsored Post Opportunities For More!

Most of you would be aware that we have open post opportunities from SGD25 that a lot of our members can qualify for. Good news – we have a significant amount of sponsored posts coming up, some of which are above SGD100. These higher paying opportunities will be only available to Advertlets Titan members. Login to your account and check your blogger dashboard for details!

Because Your Blog Deserves A Shot!

Got great content, just not the traffic…yet? Advertlets is happy to help. Using our own network through the Advertlets Titan Widget as WELL as some very prominent local Singaporean partner communities – we will be rolling out an extensive program to feature selected blogs over the next 2 months. Contact us for details, or find out more about the Advertlets Titan program.

Yes, You Can Earn From Your Neighbours Too!

For Singaporean bloggers with Malaysian traffic, we are happy to announce (or actually, remind you since it has already been in effect), that Advertlets enables you to earn from BOTH your Malaysian (yes, Johor too) and Singaporean traffic, unlike competing networks that only allow you to earn from one source. Those with a significant amount of Malaysian visitors (above 200 per day) are welcome to contact us for some additional opportunities and earning optimization.

Blog Channel Expansion

We would actively like to invite more blogs which cover the following topics to join us: Parenting, Females, Travel, Photography, Technology & Business. We are aiming to form dedicated channels for blog advertising – which basically translates into more relevant ads, and higher rates for the blogs involved. We are primarily looking at blogs that cover these topics exclusively (as opposed to blogs that cover many topics simultaneously). Please contact us if you believe your blog fits the criteria.

You can contact us at with the subject ‘Singapore, Baby!’ if you would like to enquire more on the above items. Thanks!

(SG & MY) Huge Campaigns Next Week: Lenovo, Dell, MBF Cards, CIMB Bank!

Hello people! We’re pretty excited to announce that next week, we’ve got some ads for pretty much everyone in our network, and some great deals from our advertisers that you can enjoy too!

The following campaigns start Monday next week…(drumroll)…and we have…two tech brands & two banks running in two countries!

MBF Cards: Buy an LCD TV, get a 8D/7N free holiday (for FOUR people)! Choose from 200 resorts in over 30 countries!
The Whole Advertlets Network
CIMB Bank: Just save and invest with CIMB, and win free groceries or petrol for 15 years! (or even the grand prize of RM360,000!) Women Channel only


Lenovo : Put your design skills to the test for a chance to win a new Lenovo laptop! Youth Channel only (16-28 y/o)

Dell : Various great deals on laptops and desktops from Dell. The Whole Advertlets Network

So, how does this factor in for you? Most blogs should be automatically matched with this campaign as long as you have the right ad format installed. These ads will run on all our existing ad formats (728×90,336×280,468×60,120×600) except the 165×240 and 180×150 ad formats. So, do make sure you have the appropriate ad formats installed to make sure you can benefit and earn from this campaigns :)

Have a great weekend, cheers!

Advertlets Singapore Earning Opps (snap them up quick!)

Hello Singaporeans!

First off, thanks for supporting Advertlets Singapore. We noticed quite a significant increase in network traffic the past few weeks, with new members signing up as well as more exclusive members. More good news: we still have a limited amount of sponsored posting opportunities available for Advertlets Singapore members, (the dateline is soon!) check them out below! For those unfamiliar with “sponsored posts”, they are basically writing opportunities from clients, posted like a normal blog post – except you get paid for them! There are requirements of course, but most are quite simple and most bloggers should be able to qualify for them.

The opportunities below pay anywhere from SGD21-SGD128, depending on your blog traffic, as well as your membership status. Of course, Advertlets Titan bloggers will get more :) Check out the links below for further details!

SGD8800 for 300 Singaporean Bloggers (only 2 weeks more left until closing deadline!)

ST701 Review Opportunity: Jobs, Shops, Cars, Property(less than 35 posts available now!)

If you are unsure of anything, do e-mail us and we’ll get back to you quickly.

Stay tuned and keep reading the blog : we have some more news next week on New Campaigns as well as a chance for you to increase your blog traffic by 2X-8X more!

Great New Campaigns for Tech, Business & Automotive Bloggers (Malaysia & Singapore!)

Some SERIOUSLY good news for Advertlets Bloggers. We’ve noticed quite a fair amount of topic based bloggers in the Advertlets Network, particularly in the Tech, Business & Automotive fields, and we’ve heard you – and we’ve got you some pretty relevant ADS from some very well known advertisers!

We’re happy to let you, and your blogger friends in on the fun too: Check out the following news… (note: all campaigns noted below are impression/traffic based!)

Tech & Gadget Bloggers
Campaigns from Sony Ericsson & Dell, running all the way up to November 2008 (and some more tech related clients to be announced soon…with campaigns guaranteed all the way to February 2009. Yes, you read that right. Campaigns guaranteed for your blog 4 months in advance (as long as you fit the content criteria).

To be added to the campaign, please make sure your blog is registered under the “Science & Technology” category and talks about one or more items such as the following: Technology news, new gadgets, handphones, internet telephony, social networking, programming, hardware, PCs, Macs, new web technologies, peripherals and accessories…you get the idea.

These campaigns run in the 728×90, 468×60 and 336×280 Advertlets Ad Formats only. This applies to both Advertlets Malaysia & Singapore

Business & Automotive Bloggers

This campaign is for the Mercedes Benz Driving Experience. Whether you run a car forum, an automotive blog, or you’re an enthusiast who blogs about cars and accessories often, or you write about business related issues (eg stocks, business news, world markets, savings & investing, finance). To be matched with this campaign, please make sure your blog is registered under “Business” or “News & Current Affairs”. (An Automotive category will be created soon). Blogs which attract a fair amount of working adults may also be considered.

This campaigns run only in the 728×90, 468×60 and 336×280 Advertlets Ad Formats only. Please note that forums are only allowed to utilize the 728×90 and 468×60 ad formats. This applies only to Advertlets Malaysia.

If your blog fits the criteria, and you don’t see the relevant campaigns running on your blog, please e-mail us at and let us know so we can automatically match you with new campaigns. Just let us know and we’ll try our best – on average, most individual campaigns run across thousands of blogs, and we’re pretty sure we can find you a good match for advertising on your blog.

And of course, as for Advertlets TITANS, note that you will get higher payout for this campaigns, and they will be run more frequently on your blogs compared to regular members.

Stay tuned – we have even more exciting news coming your way for ALL sorts of different bloggers!

(SG) New Advertlets Sponsored Post Opportunity For!

Another sponsored posting opportunity arrives and this time its from ST701, the Singapore e-marketplace for jobs, property, cars, products and services. In a nutshell, its a classifieds site, and you can either find what you need, or post what you’ll like to sell!

We have 80 opportunities in total for the following verticals under the ST701 portal:

Requirements & Regulations

  • The blog must be at least one year old. Only one blog per blogger is allowed to participate.
  • To qualify, the blog must have Advertlets ad units installed
  • The post can be an introduction to the selected ST701 site, or a review of your thoughts on the website.
  • At least 100 words in length
  • Minimum traffic requirement of at least 30 unique visitors a day
  • Screenshots & relevant images are encouraged, and a minimum of 2 are required
  • Approved bloggers will be briefed on further linking and content guidelines

Post Budget

  • SGD 30 per post for Advertlets Titan members
  • SGD 21 per post for regular Advertlets members

How To Apply / Approval Process

  • Check out to get an idea of the portal and its verticals!
  • Write in to with the category you’re applying for(either Property, Jobs, Cars, or Shops) as well as the blog you intend to publish the review on. Please choose the one that is most relevant to your blog.
  • We will review your blog for suitability. You may be assigned another category based on your blog content
  • After you’ve received approval, you may start on the review! Submit your completed post URL to
  • Your account will be credited after your review is approved!

We look forward to your submissions!

It’s ON! The Advertlets Titan Widget launches!

It’s on! We are hereby, proud to announce the launch of the Advertlets Titan widget. Advertlets now offers our exclusive Advertlets Titan members not just more bling – but also recognition and an audience.

Here are some screenshots of the Advertlets Titan Widget in action:

This image shows the widget running on, showing content relevant to Malaysian bloggers. In the widget, you can click the tabs for more items, or any of the items inside the widget to see a sliding page with more details.

And of course, different colours for the girls! This image shows the widget running on feliciasrainbow, showing content relevant to Singaporean bloggers.

A Quick Q&A on the Advertlets Titan widget…

How will I place the widget on my blog?
The widget runs rotated across the Advertlets network in our Advertlets Ad Unit and for longer/fixed durations on Partner Blogs. We are planning to release a standalone version of the code very soon for those who wish the widget to run permanently on their blog.

What kind of content will run on the widget?
The widget will mostly feature Advertlets bloggers, but will also incorporate news on Advertlets Events, post event pics, gatherings, fun happenings, contest and more. In addition, sponsors can also have their content included in the widget as well!

What are future new features planned for the widget?
Future features include the ability to show more blogs and match blogs more specifically to viewer’s interest, as well as more ways to discover relevant new blogs. It’s going to be very interesting and we are planning for a rollout of even more features in weeks.

How do I get featured? What is the criteria?
Just write to us at with the subject “I wanna get it ON!”. Tell us why you should be featured, and we will set you up to be shown to thousands (maybe millions!).

Got some interesting posts you want more of an audience for? To get an idea…maybe you and your friends are going to perform in concert, or start a workout program, or you’re representing Malaysia internationally to compete in a pageant in a foreign country, or maybe you’ve launched a very nice new “hemsem” blog layout, or are running a contest of your own, or maybe you’ve written something really funny and original, or you’ve got exclusive coverage and great pics of a recent happening, or a project to raise funds for charity…anything different and anything interesting!

Blogger applications for being featured will be processed based on relevance and interestingness of blogs submitted, quality & originality of content, as well as the duration of your Advertlets Titan membership.

How much traffic can I expect to generate if I am featured?
As this is also based on how interesting your content/headline/image is, the results can vary due to visitor interest in clicking. However, a 25% to 200% increase per day (yes, really!) is not uncommon based on our short beta test so far.

Get ON!
Apply to be an Advertlets Titan now to enjoy better earnings and increased traffic, or if you already are – write to us for a chance to get featured! We look forward to getting it ON with you and your blog :)

T.I.T.A.N – This Is The Advertlets Network.

Win 3 iPod Nanos! The Advertlets Cybersecurity Awareness Contest (MY & SG)

Hi Advertlets bloggers! We are organizing a Cybersecurity Awareness contest to address the growing needs of IT security knowledge. In this contest, we are glad to have EC-Council Academy to sponsor 3 iPod Nanos to be awarded to the three best bloggers who write a blog post on the topic below: Joining is simple – just write a blog post, and the best 3 post will win an iPod Nano each!

(HAPPY UPDATE: Since we’ve gotten such a good response so far, the iPod Nanos are no longer 2GB ones We’re gonna give away 4GB iPod Nanos!)

The blog post should be on the following topic: Have you or anyone you know been hacked before or what hacking incidents have your heard of, and how has it impacted you?

More Information:
No one is spared from hackers these days. Not even Hongkiat, or more 400 Malaysian Bloggers, or even Paris Hilton!.

Hacking not only comes in the form of website or blog defacements, but also as spam, unwanted emails with viruses, Trojans, SQL Injections, Social Engineering just to name a few. Share with us your experience if you’ve been hacked before, or what hacking incidents you’ve heard of and how it has impacted you – in the way you use the internet and the countermeasures you adopted.

UPDATE: Thanks for your feeedback, here are some tips. Cybersecurity is a wide term, and this should make it a bit clearer on what kind of issues are involved: First off, are you using any of the Top 10 Popular Passwords
that everyone and anyone can guess?
You could write on how Trojans Plaguing File
Sharing Networks will affect the way you share files

Or, what you think about Personal
Data Privacy
; or how impressed you are with the Types of Computer Security Threats there are (have you heard of bacterium, by the way?)…and even if
you are a non-believer of online transactions you could also be subject to
Non-Online Data
Stealing ;
. Hope this gives you some ideas!

Write a post about the above topic and your post MUST include the link Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity You are encouraged to include your own stories / experience and relevant images in your post. After you have written the post, submit the write up & link to your post to with the subject “Cybersecurity Awareness Contest”.

Terms & Conditions
1. This contest is organized by Advertlets. Only bloggers which are registered Advertlets members in Malaysia or Singapore and are actively displaying Advertlets ads can take part in this contest.
2. Entries are limited to one entry per Blogger, per blog. Your post must remain active throughout the duration of the contest in order to win, and remain in your blog archive.
3. All eligible entries will be judged and ranked by Advertlets at our sole discretion, and the winner(s) will be selected based on the creativity and quality of the post.
4. The judges decision is final and no appeal will be entertained.
5. The winner(s) will be awarded the prize detailed in the announcement.
6. All prizes are subject to the terms and condition contained herein. There will be no cash alternatives.
7. ELIGIBILITY OF POST – Contest entry is through a post written on your blog(s). You may submit more than one entry. After you have written the post, submit the write up & link to your post to with the subject “Cybersecurity Awareness Contest”. Your entry MUST contain the specified link.
8. You are encouraged to include your own stories / experience and relevant images in your post.
9. CONTEST PRIZES – Three (3) iPod Nano 4GB will be given away to the three winners, one per winner. If the prizes are not available, EC-Council Academy reserves the right to substitute the prizes with another of equal value.
10. CLOSING DATE – Contest ends on 11:59PM, 31st July 2008. Submission later than this date and time will not be entertained.
11. NOTIFICATION OF WINNER(S) –Three (3) winners will be notified via email or telephone by 15th August 2008. Inability to contact the potential winner by either e-mail or telephone will result in disqualification and selection of an alternate winner.
12. LICENSE TO PUBLISH SUBMISSION – By submitting an entry and entering this Contest, you hereby grant EC-Council Academy a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty free right to use, test, translate, publish and distribute your entry in connection with any marketing promotion of EC-Council Academy.
13. APPLICABLE LAW – This terms and conditions is governed by the laws of Malaysia
14. PRIVACY – We will not pass your personal details to any other organization without your permission except for the purpose of running of the contest which you have entered.