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ENDED: Football Season is Coming! AscotSports Campaign for Malaysia, Singapore & China!

Please take note: This sponsored post opportunity has come to an end. Thank you for your participation!

As even the non-football fans would know by now, the UEFA Champions league is coming to a close soon. Its been an exciting season, and for the first time in many years, we have an all English final in the UEFA Champions League. The final match will be held in Moscow with Manchester United vs Chelsea, and is definitely a must watch match, with very evenly matched odds – sure to be a tough fight! And very soon, football fever will escalate again, in just slightly over a month as the highly anticipated Euro 2008 Austria-Switzerland will begin!

For those of you who like to add more excitement to watching the game and take part in football betting, we’ve something interesting for you…our new client, Ascot Sports is a truly unique and dynamic sports and gaming bookmaker with strong underlying commitment to offer the best value and exciting betting opportunities. They offer competitive Asian Handicap live betting, on all major leagues, including the English Premier League, Spanish Primera Liga, German Bundesliga and the UEFA Cup. They offer a safe, legal & fun way for you to place your bets, whether you are from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, UK, China, or virtually any country!

AscotSports would like to let you in on the action, and are offering a sponsored posting opportunity for Advertlets bloggers to help get the word out about their service. Read more below for details! Also of note: We are also running banner campaigns across the entire Malaysia, Singapore & China network for this, but it is opt in only, only bloggers that are keen on this genre of ads will be included. For those keen to opt in for gambling/betting/sportsbook based ads, please make sure to update your ad genre preferences in your Advertlets account. You’ll see it on the landing page of your account.

Sponsored Post Opportunity
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Advertlets Rocks On! Exclusive Program, Regional Ad Campaigns & 2.0!

Today is a lovely day, in more days than one, and it gives me great pleasure to announce three things.

1. The true measure of a blog advertising network lies not only in membership, but the level in which they can monetize their publisher’s inventory. As of such, we have taken the lead – Advertlets is now officially the first Asian-grown blog ad network to run regional ads. This is a big step for us, and a very significant service offering for our publishers and advertisers.

A regional ad campaign for recruitment portal, is now running in the following countries: Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Australia & New Zealand. This is the first of many more regional campaigns to come. The campaign is now running on all our blogs with traffic from those regions, with a daily priority for blogs that exclusively serve Advertlets ads. More on exclusivity later in this post.

Although our membership is currently open to Malaysia and Singapore bloggers, blog readers are international – and, we have a significant amount of visits from all around the region. Thanks to the diversity and strength of the Advertlets network, we can now not only sell targeted campaigns for Malaysia & Singapore, but also for the rest of our traffic. To give you an idea of how big the extended network of Advertlets is now – we reach a total of more than 150,000 unique users a day for Malaysia, 60,000 unique users a day for Singapore…and surprise, 35,000 unique users a day for China alone. Amazing, isn’t it?

2. And, exclusivity. We have been representing ad sales for a select number of blogs exclusively for a while now, including blogs which get more than 15,000 unique visitors a day to those that get slightly above 100. What these blogs have in common though, is that they have quality, compelling content, loyal visitors and great ad placements. The value that we can offer is better monetization of their ad inventory. Our salesmanship and confirmed media bookings have now ensured that we can offer consistent ads, higher CPM rates, and larger campaigns. We now have ads confirmed for the next 3 months in advance, and we would love for you to be part of an exclusive group that will allow you to have less clutter on your blog, and better earnings.

We are now happy to open up this program to more of our bloggers to enjoy a better blog advertising experience, and are happy to announce the Advertlets Titan program. Over the next few days, we will be revealing more about the program.

3. And of course, we have gotten good feedback on our limited beta test, and are happy to announce that Advertlets 2.0 will launch on the 9th of March 2008 (our first anniversary), together with some exciting new features, including referrals, social features and earning charts. Over the next few days, our lead programmer will be talking more about the new features as well as taking your feedback on design, improvements and functions.

Actually, one more.

4. Lastly, this one means the most to me in terms of significance. One of the greatest achievements and treasures that I have in the past few years is: having found two people that I can trust as friends, and work with as business partners. Most people will tell you that combination is practically impossible to find. As we all previously had our own ventures, I personally have mostly been responsible for the day-to-day management of Advertlets, with my partners offering support to a limited extent due to their schedules. However, given that the scale of our operations is growing, they will be coming in full time and play a more important role in Advertlets operations. More on them will be announced in their own official posts to this blog!

This is the start of many other successes to come, and we look forward to sharing more good news with you in the next few days! Thank you again, for making us what we are today. We will continue to kick ass and serve ads, and put the b.l.i.n.g in b.l.o.g.g.i.n.g!