Putting the ‘bling’ in ‘blogging’

Bang! Presenting the Advertlets Bloggers Paintball Tournament!

The year 2009 is going to start off with a bang! (And some splats!) Advertlets is glad to announce that we are the official Online Partner for the most prominent paintball league in Malaysia, the Malaysian National Paintball League (MY-NPL) in year 2009!

As part of the activities for the MY-NPL 2009, we are having a special tournament for bloggers! Don’t worry if you haven’t competed before or even played before – the competition is open to prospective Paintballers of all skill levels. (except for pros).

In case you don’t know what Paintball is: Paintball is a game in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a “paintball”) usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas powered paintball gun (or marker).

It’s not actually as painful as it sounds – it’s not just for the guys – plenty of girls play paintball too! Paintball requires stamina, team work, strategy and psychology in order to win a game, and it’s a whole lot of fun! Those that play online games will notice that has its similiarities to Counter-Strike :)

Register yourself in the upcoming Advertlets Bloggers Paintball Tournament as the preliminary stage which entitles you to be able to compete like a professional in the Division 4 (Young Gun) in MY-NPL 2009! The top 3 winning teams will be sponsored for their registration fees for the 5 rounds of MY-NPL 2009 and stand a chance to win attractive prizes in the MY-NPL! Visit to find out more!

We are looking into 5 persons in a team, with 20 teams in total (100 participants in total). You may start contacting other bloggers within the network OR register as an individually bounds to no age limit, ethnic, gender, background, etc. Those that register individually will be grouped into teams at the discretion of Advertlets. Paintballers with competition records (those that have taken part in professional competitions before) are not allowed to join us to participate, though you are allowed to have them coach you if needed.

Your expenses will be fully adopted by the MY-NPL’s home field, MAPAAC (Malaysian Paintball Academy) in Astaka field, Petaling Jaya. Registration fee will be charging at RM10 ONLY for bloggers who are within our network and for those who are not in the network can as well participating which will be charging at RM90. These charges will be inclusive of paintball marker rental fully equipped and paintball pellets. As of such, since the expenses are sponsored, we would appreciate your assistance in helping them raise awareness of the MY-NPL (details are below)

Tentatively, the Advertlets Bloggers Paintball Tournament will be held on the 17th January 2009 (Saturday) from 8am until 6pm. This is subject to change depending on the participants and schedule.

Want to write about it to get your Blogger friends to join too? Here are some tips on writing your blog post…

1) Write about paintball / MAPAAC / MY-NPL with at least 500 words.
2) Include both links of &
3) Include both logos of MY-NPL & MAPAAC
4) Include at least 2 (Two) photos of paintball playing field / paintball game / paintball equipments / anything which related to paintball
5) Mentioned about the games package

Continuous coverage for each round of MY-NPL 2009 will be much appreciated, as our sponsor is going to pick up the tab for YOU to have fun! Our bloggers (whether playing as well or not) are also encouraged to register themselves as a media whereby you are able to photograph or videograph the extraordinary excitements during paintball competition games!

Register yourself now by emailing us at with the subject “Advertlets Blogger’s Paintball Tournament!”. Please provide us your full name, e-mail address, blog URL and handphone number.

Great New Campaigns for Tech, Business & Automotive Bloggers (Malaysia & Singapore!)

Some SERIOUSLY good news for Advertlets Bloggers. We’ve noticed quite a fair amount of topic based bloggers in the Advertlets Network, particularly in the Tech, Business & Automotive fields, and we’ve heard you – and we’ve got you some pretty relevant ADS from some very well known advertisers!

We’re happy to let you, and your blogger friends in on the fun too: Check out the following news… (note: all campaigns noted below are impression/traffic based!)

Tech & Gadget Bloggers
Campaigns from Sony Ericsson & Dell, running all the way up to November 2008 (and some more tech related clients to be announced soon…with campaigns guaranteed all the way to February 2009. Yes, you read that right. Campaigns guaranteed for your blog 4 months in advance (as long as you fit the content criteria).

To be added to the campaign, please make sure your blog is registered under the “Science & Technology” category and talks about one or more items such as the following: Technology news, new gadgets, handphones, internet telephony, social networking, programming, hardware, PCs, Macs, new web technologies, peripherals and accessories…you get the idea.

These campaigns run in the 728×90, 468×60 and 336×280 Advertlets Ad Formats only. This applies to both Advertlets Malaysia & Singapore

Business & Automotive Bloggers

This campaign is for the Mercedes Benz Driving Experience. Whether you run a car forum, an automotive blog, or you’re an enthusiast who blogs about cars and accessories often, or you write about business related issues (eg stocks, business news, world markets, savings & investing, finance). To be matched with this campaign, please make sure your blog is registered under “Business” or “News & Current Affairs”. (An Automotive category will be created soon). Blogs which attract a fair amount of working adults may also be considered.

This campaigns run only in the 728×90, 468×60 and 336×280 Advertlets Ad Formats only. Please note that forums are only allowed to utilize the 728×90 and 468×60 ad formats. This applies only to Advertlets Malaysia.

If your blog fits the criteria, and you don’t see the relevant campaigns running on your blog, please e-mail us at and let us know so we can automatically match you with new campaigns. Just let us know and we’ll try our best – on average, most individual campaigns run across thousands of blogs, and we’re pretty sure we can find you a good match for advertising on your blog.

And of course, as for Advertlets TITANS, note that you will get higher payout for this campaigns, and they will be run more frequently on your blogs compared to regular members.

Stay tuned – we have even more exciting news coming your way for ALL sorts of different bloggers!

Blogger’s Tea Party @ Bangsar Village Fest this weekend! 21 June 2008

Hi Bloggers! In conjunction with The Village Fest @ Bangsar Village happening this weekend, on the 21st and 22nd June 2008, we are having a Blogger’s Tea Party! The Village Fest is a two day festival with music, dance, yoga, talks, food & more!

Here are the details:

“Blogger’s Tea Party @ Bangsar Village Fest”
Time & Date: 21 June 2008, 3PM
Venue: Bangsar Village II, 3rd Floor
List: Limited to selected 100 bloggers only (Advertlets Titan members get priority)
Menu: Food from D’lish! Finger food, cupcakes, sandwiches, drinks & more!
Itenary: Tea time with fellow bloggers, camwhoring session, followed by adjourning to check out the rest of the activities at Bangsar Village! There will be goodies for early/lucky ones.

Interested to come? Drop us a mail at with the subject “Blogger’s Tea Party”, and we will notify you if you are shortlisted! There are only 100 spots available, and the event is 3 days away, so do be quick!

What can you do at the Village Fest?

You can: get a face reading, or a palm reading, attend a free Yoga Session (from either Dr Saumiakumar of the Ayur Centre, Yoga2Health, or Celebrity Fitness. Or you could get a manicure or pedicure, and basically pamper yourself to some grooming and relaxation!

There are also jamming sessions, health tests, and even line dancing. There will also be a selection of interesting products including environmentally friendly wares, including “personal chopsticks”, energy saving bulbs and interesting stuff made from recyclables.

For those with kids, there are craftwork activities, kid’s yoga, a music jamming session using everyday household items (yes, pots & pans, etc…), and also a story telling session. Then while your kids are busy having fun, you can take part in line dancing, and feng shui exhibits.

We also have a range of well known speakers & demonstrations on topics such as : meditation, weight loss, feng shui, how to have healthy hair, stress management, yoga, fortune telling, hypnotherapy, allergy testing, music therapy, cosmetic dentistry…and interestingly enough, the potential of your birthday.

About The Village Fest

The Village Fest is two days of music, dance, yoga and other fun-filled activities to help you achieve a healthy balance beteween these three pillars of health.

The objective of the Village Fest is to provide information to the community on a wide variety of subjects concerning wellness. This will be done via a series of talks, activities, food, exhibitions, displays and consultations. Some of our speakers are well known personalities Madam Zorra, Andi Singh, T Selva and Joan Mahony. The best part? There’s stuff for everyone!

Check out more at or visit the Advertlets Facebook Page for the event!

Sponsored Post Opportunity from! (Malaysia)

Hi all, we’re happy to let you know that we have a new sponsored post opportunity from, the marketplace of Malaysia. Mudah is a great and free way for you to post up your items for sale, whether its your gadgets, furniture, property, car or even services that you offer! They’ll like your help to spread the word – so its a great chance for you to let your readers know on an interesting service being offered, as well as earn through this sponsored post.

Sponsored Post Opp: Mudah Review (RM20)
Check out, and review the site on your blog! You can choose to highlight interesting features, some of the items there that you are interested in or anything that appeals to you about the site!

- Opportunity is for the first 100 bloggers that fit the requirements (limited to 1 blog per blogger)
- Malaysian Advertlets bloggers only, with significant Malaysian traffic
- RM20 per review
- At least 100 words long
- At least 2 screenshots of
- At least 1 link to

Please note
- Important: When you link to, please use this tracking URL: Please replace username with your Advertlets username
- End the post with this sentence: This review is brought to you by and!
- Let us know that you’ve written the post for us to approve and credit your account. E-mail us at

Sponsored Post Opp: It’s Easy to Post Your Item On (RM50)
For Advertlets TITAN members: Post up an item or service that you have for sale to, and document how you did it (eg, submit image, select category, etc), with screenshots. You can also choose to talk about the item you are selling as well. Only 10 posts available (grab it fast!)

- Opportunity limited to first 10 Advertlets Titan bloggers that fit the requirements (limited to 1 blog per blogger)
- Malaysian Advertlets bloggers only, with significant Malaysian traffic
- RM50 each
- At least 100 words long
- At least 2 screenshots of
- At least 1 link to

Please note
- Important: When you link to, please use this tracking URL: Please replace username with your Advertlets username
- End the post with this sentence: This review is brought to you by and!
- Let us know that you’ve written the post for us to approve and credit your account. E-mail us at

Sharp Increase in Advertlets Traffic due to The 2008 Malaysian Elections

Sharp Increase in Advertlets Traffic due to The 2008 Malaysian Elections

We had the biggest jump in traffic ever – our usual Malaysian traffic ranges from about 115,000 – 150,000 uniques. However, on the 7th of March 2008 however (a day before the Malaysian elections), the Advertlets network reached out to exactly 249,734 unique Malaysian internet users. This increase in traffic is undoubtedly due to people were searching political blogs online for information on candidates and parties. Statistics like this reinforce the view that blogs will increasingly become a significant source of information and expression for their readers. Vote wisely for the future of Malaysia, and I hope you’ve all made the right choice :)

Also, most of you in Singapore would have heard through the newspapers on Advertlets partnering with cliCKTRUE, a division of Singapore Press Holdings. Read more here too at IzReloaded’s blog (Iz is our Singaporean Blog Ambassador). More details on that tie up soon, as well as the increased traffic in Singapore, and what it means for our valued Singaporean members! (PS: The first most significant benefit, is of course, a HUGE amount of ad campaigns coming your way soon!). Stay tuned!

Scheduled Upgrade Complete

The upgrade is now fully complete, starting from 9PM yesterday, and thankfully we didn’t have more than 30 minutes of downtime. Its 2:43AM! Our tech team just came back from the datacentre an hour and a half ago, and now, double-checking from home, we’re happy to say that all Advertlets functions are back online. You should be feeling that ads load much faster now, as well as your Advertlets account login and this website. Let us know if you face any issues, cheers!

Scheduled Downtime Tonight For Server Upgrade

We will be undergoing a major upgrade to our servers tonight, due to increased international traffic and a sharp increase in the number of blogger signups. As of such, during the period of 9PM-10PM tonight, you may face some downtime/errors in ad serving and this website. After that, Advertlets should be faster than ever before. Please let us know if you face any issues after this time period. Cheers! :)