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Pics & Reviews From the Advertlets ‘Angels & Demons’ Movie Screening!

The recent ‘Angels & Demons’ movie screening on the 12th of May (two days before the premiere!) was a blast! With a full hall of bloggers & friends, and plenty of donuts to go around, it was an enjoyable night with a great movie and great company. Some of you even said you’ll see it again! Thanks to Columbia Tristar for making this happen, and also congratulations to the prize winners!

Meantime, check out the reviews & pics on blogs from : Missycheerio, Smashpop, Rames, Khai Ling, Leonard, Wilson, MKStreet & Fieza…more posts to be updated here soon!

The Advertlets Bloggers Trip To Genting City Of Entertainment Rocked!

We recently had a special trip to Genting for a small group of bloggers during the Labour Day weekend, and it was awesome!

Check out some of the reviews up so far from Eu Veng, Samuel Tan, Renee Tay, Derek Yap. More to come soon!

Increased Earnings Through Advertlets Select Channels: Youth & Technology

Hi, just a quick note that we will be running lots of new campaigns that target blogs with Youth, as well as Technology related content very soon. So if you’re in your teens, or have a blog that discusses technology, drop us a line at or drop a comment on this post.

Advertlets Select campaigns are those that run only on certain blogs that fit the criteria, and not across the network. As they are more targeted, the bloggers that get the campaigns will be paid more than usual due to their niche. We’ve run several campaigns before that only target Female bloggers, or some that only run on Malay language or Chinese Language blogs, for example.. And of course, Advertlets Titan bloggers will be prioritized for inclusion.

FYI: This is also a good time to install some of the larger ad formats, eg 336×280 or 728×90. Let your blogger friends know too if you think they can benefit from this :) Happy blogging, and have a great weekend!

Great New Campaigns for Tech, Business & Automotive Bloggers (Malaysia & Singapore!)

Some SERIOUSLY good news for Advertlets Bloggers. We’ve noticed quite a fair amount of topic based bloggers in the Advertlets Network, particularly in the Tech, Business & Automotive fields, and we’ve heard you – and we’ve got you some pretty relevant ADS from some very well known advertisers!

We’re happy to let you, and your blogger friends in on the fun too: Check out the following news… (note: all campaigns noted below are impression/traffic based!)

Tech & Gadget Bloggers
Campaigns from Sony Ericsson & Dell, running all the way up to November 2008 (and some more tech related clients to be announced soon…with campaigns guaranteed all the way to February 2009. Yes, you read that right. Campaigns guaranteed for your blog 4 months in advance (as long as you fit the content criteria).

To be added to the campaign, please make sure your blog is registered under the “Science & Technology” category and talks about one or more items such as the following: Technology news, new gadgets, handphones, internet telephony, social networking, programming, hardware, PCs, Macs, new web technologies, peripherals and accessories…you get the idea.

These campaigns run in the 728×90, 468×60 and 336×280 Advertlets Ad Formats only. This applies to both Advertlets Malaysia & Singapore

Business & Automotive Bloggers

This campaign is for the Mercedes Benz Driving Experience. Whether you run a car forum, an automotive blog, or you’re an enthusiast who blogs about cars and accessories often, or you write about business related issues (eg stocks, business news, world markets, savings & investing, finance). To be matched with this campaign, please make sure your blog is registered under “Business” or “News & Current Affairs”. (An Automotive category will be created soon). Blogs which attract a fair amount of working adults may also be considered.

This campaigns run only in the 728×90, 468×60 and 336×280 Advertlets Ad Formats only. Please note that forums are only allowed to utilize the 728×90 and 468×60 ad formats. This applies only to Advertlets Malaysia.

If your blog fits the criteria, and you don’t see the relevant campaigns running on your blog, please e-mail us at and let us know so we can automatically match you with new campaigns. Just let us know and we’ll try our best – on average, most individual campaigns run across thousands of blogs, and we’re pretty sure we can find you a good match for advertising on your blog.

And of course, as for Advertlets TITANS, note that you will get higher payout for this campaigns, and they will be run more frequently on your blogs compared to regular members.

Stay tuned – we have even more exciting news coming your way for ALL sorts of different bloggers!

Better Bodies For Bloggers With Celebrity Fitness! A Contest!

This month, Advertlets Titan Bloggers are entitled to walk away with FREE GYM MEMBERSHIPS from Celebrity Fitness!

For your chance to win, just write a blog post and tell us:
- Why you want to get fit with Celebrity Fitness…or….Why you deserve to win a Celebrity Fitness free membership

What can I write about?
A catchy title is always good. Here’s some ideas to get you started…
- Benefits of working out / body build
- You own personal fitness level
- Why you’ll like to lose weight
- Why you’ll like to look great
- How much sexier you’ll be if you were fit
- Facilities & Classes in Celebrity Fitness
- Or you could even write about your free trial experience in Celebrity Fitness!

What else should I include:
Photographs, pictures and graphics are highly recommended in the blog post to make it to be more attractive and interesting which would definitely increase a chance of winning! Be funny, be frank, and soon, maybe you’ll be on your way to fitness too!

Bloggers are required to include a link to the Celebrity Fitness website

The Prizes:
Celebrity Fitness is going to give away:

- Grand Prize: (1) One Voucher for (6) Six months Free Membership
- Three Runner Up Prizes: (3) Three Vouchers for (3) Three months Free Membership

To the Best 4 Blog Posts from Advertlets Titan Bloggers which to be published before September 15th 2008! The best post will win the 6 months free membership, and the three runners up will win the 3 months free membership!

Terms & Conditions
- This contest is open to Advertlets Titan Bloggers only that only have Advertlets ad units installed on their blogs.
- Blogs less than 3 months old are not allowed to participate in this contest.
- Participation is limited to those in Malaysia only.
- Multiple entries are allowed, however, only each blogger can only win once.
- Bloggers have to write the post following the requirements above, and send it in to before 09:00AM, September 15th 2008.
- Judging will be done by representatives from Celebrity Fitness and will be based on the effort, informativeness, quality, humour, interestingness & originality of the blog posts.

And of course…all bloggers who participated in this Celebrity Fitness “BBB” contest are welcome to sign up for your first time free trial session to earn your experience in Celebrity Fitness. Walk in to the nearest Celebrity Fitness centre and claim for a One Week Free Pass immediately!

(MY) Advertlets brings New Sponsored Post Opp for MOYU MMORPG!

We’re happy to let you know that we have a new sponsored post opportunity from GoPlayPlay, and this is open to both Chinese language and English language bloggers in Malaysia. GoPlayPlay introduces MOYU, its latest Chinese online game (MMORPG) featuring digital monster-styled ‘pet’ system with over 40 different pets you can nurture. MOYU revolutionizes conventional game-play with its “No one ever fights alone” system. In MOYU, your pets are your personal bodyguards. MOYU also introduces fast & easy leveling systems, made simple with your ever helpful pets. MOYU is the only MMORPG with “PayU2Play” system, a system that gives you free game credits daily to experience the game with depth.

Find out more about the sponsored post opportunities after the jump…

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(SG) New Advertlets Sponsored Post Opportunity For!

Another sponsored posting opportunity arrives and this time its from ST701, the Singapore e-marketplace for jobs, property, cars, products and services. In a nutshell, its a classifieds site, and you can either find what you need, or post what you’ll like to sell!

We have 80 opportunities in total for the following verticals under the ST701 portal:

Requirements & Regulations

  • The blog must be at least one year old. Only one blog per blogger is allowed to participate.
  • To qualify, the blog must have Advertlets ad units installed
  • The post can be an introduction to the selected ST701 site, or a review of your thoughts on the website.
  • At least 100 words in length
  • Minimum traffic requirement of at least 30 unique visitors a day
  • Screenshots & relevant images are encouraged, and a minimum of 2 are required
  • Approved bloggers will be briefed on further linking and content guidelines

Post Budget

  • SGD 30 per post for Advertlets Titan members
  • SGD 21 per post for regular Advertlets members

How To Apply / Approval Process

  • Check out to get an idea of the portal and its verticals!
  • Write in to with the category you’re applying for(either Property, Jobs, Cars, or Shops) as well as the blog you intend to publish the review on. Please choose the one that is most relevant to your blog.
  • We will review your blog for suitability. You may be assigned another category based on your blog content
  • After you’ve received approval, you may start on the review! Submit your completed post URL to
  • Your account will be credited after your review is approved!

We look forward to your submissions!