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Friday the 13th of April with Ed Sheeran @The Bee Publika

A blissful afternoon, cloudy day, what could be better than heading for an Ed Sheeran’s Album. His album that went tripple platinum broke even Adele’s number in sales in the UK.

His fresh gentle yet affirmative voice runs along the radiostations and personal mp3′s of young and old alike. The album which is named “+” has gone widespread and has reached Malaysia’s shores with a great welcome. Just when you think music was all about boy bands and electronics, here’s a ray of hope that not all acoustic raw music is dead and gone. In an all changing world of of people trying to keep up with the trends and high society ; a lot of realism and uniques fades away in the distance. Not to say that Ed isn’t up to trend or anything but perhaps one does not need such frivolous vanities when one knows who he/she really is.

So on to the days events,

There were a couple of young eager YouTubers who did a few of Ed’s covers (as seen in order in the gallery below):

Hanie Soraya

Brian Teo

Bo Amir Iqram

Then, later on the event ended with a game.We were all split into groups to make the most artistic and out of the box Lego house in Ed’s famous hit “Lego house” with Rupert Grint. With much team effort and creative thinking below are some pictures of the houses that we made. The team with the most creative house which happened to be the house shaped in an “A” won. Their prize being some gift vouchers from Isetan.

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