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Advertlets has 1000 pairs of passes to Arthur’s Day to be won!

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA (29 August 2011) — GUINNESS® today unveiled the headline international act for the Arthur’s Day 2011 celebration here in Kuala Lumpur – International music sensation TAIO CRUZ.

“I am delighted to be part of the Arthur’s Day celebrations which will feature a phenomenal line up of artists and bands ready to set the world on fire in this 24 hour worldwide celebration. Every year since it began in 2009 it’s been an EPIC celebration and I’m sure this year will be no exception. See you in Kuala Lumpur at the Arthur’s Day finale party at Speed City as we salute a great man named Arthur.” said Taio Cruz.

Arthur’s Day is celebrated around the world to honour the date Arthur Guinness signed a 9,000 year lease on the St James Gate Brewery in 1759, and whose legacy has brought us the globally celebrated iconic black brew, GUINNESS®.

Malaysia has once again been chosen to host the Asian leg of the Arthur’s Day celebration; the biggest outside of Ireland. A worldwide ‘toast to Arthur’ will begin in Ireland at exactly 17:59 on Thursday 22nd September; and will culminate right here in Malaysia on Friday 23rd September.

A series of high-profile music events and celebrations will also be held in more than 40 countries around the world to honour the remarkable life and legacy of Arthur Guinness—the legendary founder of GUINNESS®.

A key initiative of the Arthur’s Day celebrations in Malaysia this year is to provide new and emerging bands with the once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform at an Arthur’s Day™ celebration. 6 talented local music acts – Prema Yin, NakedBreed, Rosevelt, Dragon Red, Jin Hackman (feat. CSBTEA) and James Baum will vie for the opportunity to perform on the global stage with world renowned music sensation, TAIO CRUZ. Based on consumer votes online and on ground at the various performance venues, Malaysia’s Top 2 favourites will perform at the Arthur’s Day concert on 23rd September 2011. Consumers are encouraged to vote for their favourite local bands online at

15,000 fans are expected to join in the worldwide celebrations at the Arthur’s Day concert here in Kuala Lumpur. To be part of the EPIC celebration, fans will need to win exclusive invites to the event this year. Stand a chance to win these exclusive invites through Advertlets!

Advertlets be running contests on Twitter, Facebook as well as a Blogger Contest to give out the 1000 pairs of tickets we have! :) Please note that the contests are only open to non-Muslims, 18 and above only.

- Tweet @advertlets with your response to question of the day (to be announced) with the hashtag #arthursday
- Winners will be selected at random
- A minimum of 10 pairs of tickets will be given out each day!


Blog Contest
- Just write a post on why you want to experience Arthur’s Day & win 4 passes from Advertlets!
- Share your link on the Advertlets Facebook Wall to make sure we’ve got your submission.
- A minimum of 5 pairs of tickets will be given out each day for the blogging contest!

Stay tuned for announcements on the Twitter & Facebook contests!

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  • jessica ong Says:

    Why I am excited for Arthur’s Day 2011? well, with the love of music, with the great social network media to create more successful events at Malaysia, with united nation of the Malaysian people, with the nice Guinness Stout in my hand while enjoying the music, with all great artists I will be seeing in such a good memorable day for Arthur, of course I am excited for Arthur’s Day event!

    winning tickets from Advertlets is the greatest thing I will ever had, because Advertlets,a social media network where combine the power of advertsiing,blogger, and clients, and they had make the world, a better media exposure, with the minimal cost, yet to send the message across. this is why I love Advertlets.

  • Lenny Says:

    I love Guinness…And If its Guinness,its ARTHUR’s DAY..Music,People and Boost..
    So let’s get together and have fun till the night end..LOVE ARTHUR’S DAY..WOOOHOOOO

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