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Lulla Man Preview Screening with Advertlets (2nd August 2011)

Attention all. Due to certain miscommunication, Lulla Man preview screening has brought forward to 2nd of August 2011. Not on the 4th of August 2011 as per stated on the tickets that you guys have collected the other day at Larry Crowne screening few weeks ago.

New Lulla Man movie tickets will be allocated for you guys for collection on the date and time stated below. Read more to find out more!

Movie Screening Details (UPDATED)

DATE : 2 August 2011 (Tuesday)
TIME : 8.30pm (Ticket collection) 9.30pm (movie starts)
VENUE : Cathay Cineplex E@Curve (110 seats)


Lulla Man is a Thai comedy (which has the most impeccable release date) about 3 married men who go through tremendous lengths to hide their night activities with other women so that their wives don’t find out. However, the wives discover this and team up to seek revenge. This Thai blockbuster is absolutely hilarious from start to finish. If you’re not familiar with Thai comedies, think 80’s and early 90’s Stephen Chow.

Watch the trailer below:

For those who haven’t got their tickets, How to win those tickets?

Simple! What you need to do is to do a movie review on your blog after you’ve watched the movie. Pretty simple? So, Any bloggers who’s interested to watch this movie? do email ( NOW!

Email details includes :

  • Title – I want tickets to Lulla Man Preview Screening with Advertlets
  • Name -
  • Blog Link -
  • Email Address -

Lulla Man is gonna be a funny movie. I’ll bet you’ll love it. Join us for another movie screening with Advertlets bloggers. Submit your entry now to win a pair of tickets! Cheers.


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