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Advertlets Supports A New Social Network, Get in!

Ruumz is what you would call, a social network. What makes this one pretty cool is the fact that it’s locally relevant and has as strong real-world connection.

So how’s it different from other social networks? Firstly, you get your own subdomain! I’m A pretty easy way for people to remember your URL. (Compared to the much longer URL I have on another social networking site –

Here’s us bloggers at the recent Ruumz launch event:

Bloggers At the Ruumz launch event @ Mist Club recently. Some things are best experienced in real-life, for everything else, there’s…

Ruumz has an easy to use interface that lets you connect with your friends, and meet new ones. The site has a combination of private social networking between existing friends (messaging, photo tagging, shared calendars, Groups to keep in touch), as well as places to mingle with and discover new ones – like, a global chatroom (it’s like a blog chatbox with LOTS of people!), and a ways to search for people that fit your profile, people you might like to be friends with!

For example, if you, want to search for 18-25 year old females in Selangor specifically, you can! Though we can’t guarantee that all of them will be interested or even go out with you…it’s an interesting feature nevertheless :)

While we’re on the topic – you know how in your relationship status on most social networks, there’s ‘Single’, ‘Married’ and ‘It’s Complicated’ usually? The people who put this together obviously have a sense of humour…in Ruumz you can even set yours as ‘I’m Desperate’ or ‘I’m Easy’. Choose appropriately…

Thanks to the site partners, there’s also quite a lot to get while you’re there – you can buy the latest songs & albums in digital formats from established labels (unlimited music downloads through a monthly fee) and even browse trailers from upcoming films that are going to be released here.

Aside from that, you can also have your photos printed and sent directly to your doorstep, or even compiled into photobooks! From the 30th of March onwards until 30 June 2009, you can have free delivery for RM20 worth of photo printing.

There’s also quite a fair amount of mobile content such as ringtones,wallpaper, games which you can get for cheaper than other places due to unique built in purchasing system which doesn’t involve involve you having to pay high mobile subscription fees. Ruumz sidesteps the SMS purchase model for a neat system of their own…

Ruumz is set to be big as it actually has its own currency, called Blings! (yes, blings!). RM1 is equivalent to 10 Blings! This allows for lots of real-world integration, which we discovered during a blogger briefing session for Ruumz.

For example, while the site is still in beta now, the idea is along the lines that you can send an actual bouquet of flowers to someone you met over ruumz! Sure beats having just ‘digital gifts’.

Bloggers at the Ruumz briefing session for bloggers at Miracles Cafe

Another of the ideas shared was that there will be ways for users to make money from the site through ‘playing DJ’ – compiling playlists of your favourite songs, if others buy them you get a cut! Or even selling photobooks of your own photographs. The possibilities are tremendous as no other social network has such a strong e-commerce/currency system in place.

The ruumz team takes in suggestions and feedback and will actually implement the good ones as they go along – so if you’ve got something to suggest, let them know!

They’ve also got something special for you…

Click to join Ruumz!

Since they’ve launched recently, Ruumz would like you to join in the fun and invite your friends too. Currently they’re running a promotion where those that bring in the most friends can win an iPod Nano. It runs from now until the end of the month – so you stand a chance to win too!

Lastly if that doesn’t convince you…a lot of us are in Ruumz already! Join us: Josh Lim (me!, Khai Ling (, Amanda Choe (, Ji Yuan (, Derek Yap (, Kugan ( Shermaine Ruiyi, Ee-Van (, Ellie Chee (, Vanessa Gan (, Adli Syahril (

Join me there and the Advertlets Bloggers group on Ruumz!

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