Putting the ‘bling’ in ‘blogging’ : We’re sorry.


This is Josh Lim here from Advertlets. This is directed all reading this, including bloggers that have registered with Advertlets in our key markets of Malaysia & Singapore.

Firstly, we admit. We made an error in judgment, and we did not intend for this to happen. And we are very sorry that it did, and would like to apologize for everyone affected. Some small mistakes are resolved easily, and affect a few. And some mistakes, however small, can affect millions.

Most of you are probably disappointed, confused or angry at the recent downtime that has happened, that has cut off access to your blogs. Over the past few days, we have been doing everything we can to restore service, as well as answering e-mails, phone calls, smses, media interviews, and support requests.

Its hard to apologize to more than 15,000 members, and this e-mail was hard to type, but undoubtedly necessary. And first, I’ll probably be best to start by answering questions you might have:

What happened?

A complication in the renewal process caused the domain to expire, and caused issues for bloggers with our ads installed, which made their blogs redirect to a placeholder page. It was not our intent to do so. blog users were unable to login to their Advertlets accounts and access the website as well.

How many did it affect?

According to our statistics, it affected 30-65% of traffic to our network over the past 2 days. On most days, we experience between 3-4 million ad impressions per day. The viewers of most blogs were affected in some way, depending on the nature of how DNS settings would resolve in different countries and ISPs. Some would resolve faster, some would not, which caused varying experiences for viewers in different places.

What can I do to resolve the problem?

You can follow some troubleshooting steps listed at, a site temporarily set up to assist in this issue. Or, you can remove your code for the time being, and we will notify you when it has been fully resolved.

Whose fault is it?

Ours. The short answer is that it is our fault. The longer answer is that we tried everything we could as soon as we knew, however, some uncontactable and uncooperative parties made it harder. Nevertheless, the blame lies with us, and we will take full responsibility for it, and to resolve it.

What will happen to my current earnings?

Your current earnings will be retained within the system, and we will continue to serve paid ads for you to continue to earn in future.

If I choose to continue with Advertlets, can I be assured that this will never happen again? And how do you intend to compensate us for the error?

The domain has been renewed, and we will make sure that this can never happen again. We resolve to do better in future, and have more failsafe options available. A financial compensation plan is being worked out, and will be announced on Monday. (We will take more time to assess the situation to work out a compensation plan that will be satisfactory to all, will be within this month).

Will we be continuing operations?

Yes. Paid ads are beginning to be served through the system again in available locations.

Where is service available as of now? How soon until everything is okay?

We’ve received reports that the DNS has successfully resolved partially for the following ISPs:

- Jaring (Malaysia)
- TMNet (Malaysia)
- Starhub Maxonline (Singapore)
- PT Telkom (Indonesia)

Service is continuing to be restored throughout the rest of Asia and the world and all service should be fully restored in less than 12 hours.

Its heartening that some have been of great assistance to us in this difficult time, providing us with service updates from their area as well as moral support. But to those that were frustrated, we understand your frustration, and it frustrates us even more to have been the source of it. All in all, we are still in awe as to how passionate all of you are. And how many people have chosen to make Advertlets part of their channel of expression. It is our hope that you can continue to do so.

We will be notifying all when service is 100% functional, to assist you with your decision on the continued use of our services. Your impressions are your votes. And if you can forgive us, we will make sure your trust is never again misplaced.

We will be making some personnel changes and new additions to ensure that everything – support, ad loading time, code, and more run smoothly in future. Major upgrades to the system are due in February, in the form of Advertlets 2.0 with new ad formats, referrals, earning graphs, social features, and traffic generation facilities. And of course more contests, advertising revenue and sponsored post opportunities.

We hope that in the next few days we can prove ourselves again to you, nevertheless, our redemption will be in your hands. Once again, we apologize.


- -

Josh Lim
On behalf of all at

52 Responses to “ : We’re sorry.”

  • Aaron Says:

    Hey Josh.

    I know its been hard for you as well, but i believed that you did whatever you could. All humans make mistakes and while this has proved to be the worst one you’ll face so far.. i guess all i can say is to learn from it and move on.

    Hope to see the updates you promised coming soon~


  • khai Says:

    hi josh/advertlets..
    serious, masalah yg berlaku sangatlah serious..
    apapun semuanya dah selesai..

    thanks josh, sekarang gak up balik iklan from advertlets..
    dont worry.. our bloggers is always supporting you la..

    so guyz, ape tunggu lagi, letak balik script korang!

    pst: hope, leter or sooner, x jadi lagi la josh yer.. plsss….
    oich!! 1st commenter here? :D

  • anon_x Says:

    Kudos for the quick action & your prompt update in

  • goldfries Says:

    Hi Josh,

    The domain is up (which is why i’m here) but some sites that uses the Ad scripts aren’t displaying the ads.

    Do check on that one. Oh heck even the Ad that’s on the right side of is not showing.

  • ED Says:

    As much as I am disappointed with this issue, I applaud the willingness to commit yourself to resolving this issue even through a weekend, and not hesitate with the term of “working days”. The readiness to take up full responsibility is also admirable, despite the extend of damage across the blogosphere.

  • Orchid Says:

    Hi Josh & team,

    Thanks for the apology and explanation. You guys must be busy with “customer service”.

    I sent you and email when we found out that we could not access our blog, but instead kept getting re-directed to some unknown site called “Advertlets”.

    But the mail got bounced back! You mailbox must have been full.

    Anyway, things happen, mistakes happen. We will continue with Advertlets. =)


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  • gLaDieZz Says:

    Apology accepted. I forgive. smiLes. Just a new year… There are more good surprises awaiting for us.

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  • pamsong Says:

    Thanks, Josh. This acknowledgment of the regretful mistake does make a difference. The explanation to what happens goes a long way, too. Just don’t screw up again, alright? I believe this mistake turned out to be a real costly one for Advertlets.

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  • shadowX_19 Says:

    great u have resolve it and i hope it wont happen again because we all (blogger) support u (advertlets)

  • Nastasshea J R Says:

    Mistakes happen. Don’t worry too much about it! :o )

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  • pat Says:

    mine still cannot access…sometimes,accessible,sometimes cannot.

  • afham Says:

    i hope advertlets still go on!!

  • ReAnime Says:

    Those who are still having problems with the DNS issues may clear their computer cache as well. A good program which is free to do this is CCleaner.
    Flush your system and also the registry system using CCleaner and you will have a fresh load of your site.

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  • Donald Says:

    hey josh, i think you did a great job getting the service up and acknowledging what was wrong and what could be done to improve the services..

    this is particularly important in today’s business world, especially if you are an online establishment..

    also, thanks for taking up the responsibility here.. I am sure most of us can understand your situation…nothing in this world always goes 100% smooth as planned and the key to achieving greater success is how one react to whatever circumstances that happened to one

    hope everything resume to normal for advertlets soon.. good luck!

  • Dennis Says:

    Thanks for the updates. I’ve put the advertlets ads back up and they are live now.

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  • Roland Chan Says:

    At least you took the courage to apologise. I will still continue to support advertlets. Ever start up made mistake what set you different you admit the mistake.

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  • Kenneth "Definite" Lee Says:

    I said I was able to access from Kuching two days ago, but it did not last very long till it became unaccessible again. I’m not sure if it is still right now accessible in Kuching but over here in PJ, I just realized it has already returned to normal. Up to 12 noon just now, it was still down. Hopefully everything is stable already.

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  • Irene Says:

    Do send a mass e-mail out to inform us about that it’s working 100% and also apologise in the e-mail also. I’m sure many people didn’t know that it’s back and not many will come to read this blog also. I can view this now from Kuching, I haven’t put my script back since I’m not sure it’s working 100% or not. Do let us know ok? This down time sure cost you a lot and we know very well. Will place it back before I fly to KL. Hope to see you there provided you are free becasue I’m sure you are super duper busy now trying to get everything back. Take care.

  • ramzy0 Says:

    yeahh, we all bloggers support you josh and advertlets team. at least you admit the mistake, and hopefully this will never ever happen again in the future.

  • Viki Says:

    Josh n team i am really proud of u all as u are willing to admit ur mistakes to the extend even make offical apology to us. Ur mistakes will b forgiven by most ppl i believe with ur sincere post. At least your team n u willing to make a post n explain what haf happened. GREAT WORK !!

  • Lynthia Says:

    I knew that Advertlets team will do smth with the problem ASAP. So, no use to panic at that time. Of course, I’m really glad everything is back to normal and I would like to wish Advertlets all the best.

  • Fahmishah Says:

    great fact Josh

  • Neo Says:

    Glad you are online again!

  • @dlina Says:

    Ah, finally up and running I see. I hope it stays that way. I was VERY upset when I first found out about this. Even ‘very’ is an understatement. Congratulations for being able to solve this problem. I hope the service will be more consistent in the future. For the time being, I’m still too upset with the recent happening, and will discontinue serving your ads for a while. Maybe in a few months.. When I’m sure everything is going on smoothly again.

    Good luck, and please, stay consistent.

  • Ruhaizad Says:

    Huh? What happened? I did not know anything.

    I may be too busy minding other business, and just knew this issues resolved when I received your email…

    Anyway… Keep it up, bro!

  • ken Says:

    hope everything going ok!

  • kkchow23 Says:

    I’m glad things have been rectified. But definitely it’ll cause a dent in everyone’s confidence after this incident. Really hope this will not happen again in future. Hope to hear good news regarding the compensation too.

  • jehutyz Says:

    is already happened. not to find out whose fault. just hope it able to recover and back to normal asap. do let us know when we can add back the adv in our blog. coz now i still take it off.

  • khairilhusni Says:

    gd job bro.

  • tipswanita Says:

    When you make mistake and learn from that mistake. Now I will joint you.

  • Cyberpartygal Says:

    Hey Advertlets team,

    Do send us an email when the issue is 100% resolved. I’m sure those of us who have multiple blogs will not have the time to implement the ad codes again unless the server is 100% again.

  • cdason Says:

    I had removed the advertlets campaign.. once its okay, will reinstall it.. accidents happen.. and I hope it wont reoccure..

    Tha problem the other day was really annoying..

    anyway, Now, it seems that everything is fine..

  • gohyie Says:

    Glad to see that everything is back to normal.

  • Shyu Corner | summer08 Says:

    [...] Well, first of all… ‘Kudos’ to Josh for getting back to the public promptly. In other words, he is forced to get back to the public ASAP. You get the picture of what might happen with ignorance of the matter’s seriousness. I’m pretty sure that most Adverlets’ users have gotten a mass email replied by Josh on behalf of Adverlets apologizing to what has happened (I know I did received). That wave of furiousness quickly turned into stream of niceness by just stepping up explaining and apologizing to the public. THAT… is human behavior. I guess forgiveness kicks in real quickly… but then, there are still some minorities who are still cursing away, throwing forks and knives around. [...]

  • swordie Says:

    OK cool Josh… now, everyone go back to serious business :D

  • iCalvyn Says:

    Josh, I will support u, although heard a lot bad news from your competitor… but, i still here, and hope advertlets bring more buck and traffic to me

  • KOKahKOK Says:

    so when can we put back our ads to continue support?

  • David Says:

    Glad you got it resolved man.

  • Project Heavy Traffic Says:

    Hi Josh/Advertlets,

    I must say i was very disappointed at first. All my readers and friends couldn’t access my blog. I couldn’t access my own blog. What i hate more than pop-up ads is forced redirection of page (it was your mistake but it was spilled over to my blog). The damage to my blog and traffic (my blog traffic was badly affected) was done. Many of my blog buddies have encountered the problem too.

    But your quick email apology and the willingness to admit the mistake set it right again, at least for me. Hope this episode will not repeat in the future again. Looking forward to your new updates. Cheers!

  • Qian86 Says:

    HELLOS! hope u can send everyone another email when we can put up our ads. no time to ‘trial n error’. xD

    thks for explaining!

  • Says:

    remember this “Jangan Pisang Berbuah Dua Kali” for next time

  • adib. Says:

    ok…thumbs up…very good hardworking….

    thanks advertlets team…

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