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Ad Campaign for ALL Advertlets SG Bloggers!

An advertiser has come in with a huge Singaporean media buy – traffic from the entire Advertlets Singapore blog network, for approximately a week. This is a CPM campaign, which means you earn based on your blog traffic! Which means, even if you sign up today, or anytime during the campaign period, your blog will serve the ad. The earlier you sign up, the better.

Campaign starts 27th November 2007. Let’s just say that the ad involves an international client that that supports creative independence involving something that everyone listens to nearly everyday!

We’ll need your help to make this campaign a success, and secure even bigger future campaigns through the performance of this one. Here’s how you can make sure that you and your blogger friends can earn well from this campaign:

- Make sure you have the 165×240 (Sidebar) ad format installed, visible on first load without scrolling your blog.
- Ask your friends to sign up as well with Advertlets, and install our code so they can benefit too!
- Make sure your details are filled in properly, so you can cash out later on!

By ALL Advertlets Singapore Bloggers, we mean all legit users of our system without inappropiate blog content of course. We will continue to justify our tagline (both of them), and deliver more money+happy for you! Help us to help you to help the advertisers and all of us make this a success for all :)

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