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Kuching Here I Come! / Catscity Clique Gather Bloggering…

Poster and BadgesThe gathering poster is printed, the badges are ready, and so are the wristbands. More than 50 people have already registered for the gathering, and we expect quite a few more to show up. See for a full list.

All I have to do now is hop on the plane VERY early tomorrow morning (7AM) and arrive at the airport. Given that the gathering is in the airport itself, I’ll probably stay there until 2PM when the gathering starts. Unfortunately, I’m arriving at 9AM…

This leaves me with er…5 hours with nothing to do but wander around the airport. Anyone wanna do breakfast or lunch prior to the gathering, let me know! +6012-3119141. As an added incentive to you, I’ll buy breakfast/lunch/dinner for the first 5 people to poke me (not too hard, please). :)

This will be my first time to East Malaysia, but unfortunately I’ll be staying one day only, in the morning the day after, I will be in Singapore for a day trip, then after that, back to Malaysia on Saturday night itself. For this time it’ll just be me coming over, the rest of the Advertlets team is going to stay back to work over the weekend on to finish up some upgrades to Advertlets (the more astute ones will notice a change in our ad serving url) as well as monitor support requests and click quality.

Looking forward to meeting all you Kuching-ites at the CatsCity Clique Gather Bloggering (because a ‘gather bloggering’ is more fun than a ‘blogger gathering’)! PS: I’m bringing a video camera to the Catscity Clique event. Look sharp!

Regarding the post below…wow…105 comments. This is definitely a new record. You guys are insanely great, thanks! :)

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