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Results Of The Long Awaited Badges & Stickers Contests…And A New Posting Opp!

Advertlets : Advertisers + Bloggers = Money + Happy

We had problems deciding who would win, so we though, ah, screw it. We’ll just let all of you win! RM50 each for all of you! The money will be credited to your account before end of today, all at the same time! Thank you for the time, effort and creativity you put into your submissions!

Stupe – Money On Trees
Delephant – Cash Cow
Irene – Frozen Barley Advertlets
Jimmy – Advertlets Everywhere!
Yvonne Foong – Fund Raiser
Uncle Sha – Earrings
Drizad – Kids!
YongKaiLoon – Relaxed
Nafa SG – Laptop
ShoppingNSales – Real “Badge” On Site
Anna – Kaching!
Karimaka – Bunnies
Ben Moh – Angel & Devil
Budiey – Happy Face

Feeling left out? Want to join them? No worries, here’s a sponsored post opportunity for 100 bloggers200 bloggers (number extended due to ridiculously overwhelming demand – in Malaysia & Singapore). Its not much, but its our way of saying thanks for choosing Advertlets, and a great way for your to quickly boost your earnings with a simple post:

Details are as follows:

Budget: RM20 (Malaysians) / SGD10 (Singaporeans)

Language: English / Bahasa Malaysia / Mandarin / Singlish / Romanized Hokkien

Limits:Only one opportunity per blogger.

Requirements: To take part in this opportunity, you must not have had cashed out from Advertlets before. You must also be an active member (have had the code up for more than a month at least)

Closing Date: Blogvertorials must be submitted before 30th September 2007

Required: Post must incorporate picture above (advertlets-moneyhappy.jpg), as well as a link to on the image itself. You must also incorporate another link to using this text : “ – Blog Advertising in Asia!”.

Post Content: You are free to decide on the post title and what you’ll like to write for the rest of the post. Suggestions include: How you’re looking forward to cashing out from Advertlets, what you would do once you get your Advertlets cheque, let others know that they can take this posting opportunity too, and what else you hope to see from Advertlets in future besides your cheque :) Be creative, and be different.

Cheers! In the meantime, to those that have received your cheques, do keep in mind we’re also running a contest this month for you to blog about what you plan/will do with your Advertlets earnings.

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