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More Money + Happy News… (Cheques Coming Wei!)

This is probably the longest summary post ever, here. Anyway:

1. Cheques have been sent for Malaysian publishers! This time there have been a lot more of you cashing out, so please be patient as we handle our initial growing pains.You will receive it within the next 1-3 days, confirmed. Unless PosLaju has a problem. Singaporeans will receive theirs before the 15th of September (hopefully before the 10th), apologies for that.

2. Netcity ads are now running on over 200 Penang blogs! We would like to thank them for also putting together a special deal for our members (50% off!). Netcity is the largest cybercafe chain in Penang! Now go play some DOTA, or CS, or whatever it is you kids do nowadays! I dare not even start online gaming, too addictive.

3. TechBeat ads are now running across the network and on selected tech blogs. Techbeat is a specialized, free job portal for those in the web programming and technical field.

4. We’re looking to add exactly 7 more people to our staff count for Advertlets and related companies within the group. Drop us a resume if you’re interested. A few new additions to the Advertlets family have happened recently too, and this will be announced soon.

5. We are now sponsoring Project Phunk, a philantrophic cause by Taylors College students. PHUNK stands for “Providing Hospis Understanding N Kare”. We are organizing a project to raise funds for Hospis Malaysia, a non-governmental organization which provides palliative care services. Palliative care is taking care of terminally ill patients in their last days.

6. On the Singapore side, we’re also promoting, an initiative in support of Singapore made films, music, arts & design.

7. Our little big project for our beloved Malaysia, MyFlag on has attracted about 100 pictures submissions already. “Only 4900″ submissions to go now!

8. StarCeleb, one of our most prominent advertisers is having a photo competition, and they are running ads across the network to promote it as well. You can check out the StarCeleb, its happening this weekend (8th September) at Asian Heritage Row.

9. Drop Yvonne Foong some support with your well wishes. She is going through a tough time right now, imagine not being able to enjoy what you take for granted everyday. An excerpt: “When I eat ice-cream, I enjoy the cold, creamy texture, but not the sweetness.”

10. Kuching Bloggers. Please keep this date free: 15th September 2007. More details VERY soon!

11. These few days I’m very the busy (getting deals for you guys). But I will try my best to blog everyday!

12. Lastly, what do you like more, if you had to choose lah: T-Shirts or Keychains?

Update: The results are in…a lot of you prefer T-Shirts! So T-shirts it is! Yay! Now the next question: What other wearables could we offer? Advertlets Baby Ts, Advertlets Singlets, Advertlets Underwear, Advertlets Socks?. Would you pay extra to put your URL on wearables?

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