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On Uptime, Speed, Payouts, Invalid Clicks

Most of these things here would warrant their own posts, and there are a few more things I have to announce, but ohwell, here’s another summary post due to the lack of time. In reference to the weird post time: no, I don’t wake up this early, I just haven’t slept yet. :) Anyway : –

1. Advertlets is now on our THIRD dedicated server. You guys are generating ridiculous amounts of traffic, and the network has grown significantly, congratulations! This should solve most, if not all downtime and slow loading issues for now. We would like to thank you for your patience & enthusiasm, and your faith in us so far. If you do notice your blog taking longer to load, do refer to this post on how you can test your blog for what may be causing the slowdown. Do contact us and let us know if you notice any errors or slowdown, if you have narrowed down the cause to our side, thanks!

2. Malaysians: Your cheques for July should arrive to you within the next 7 days, barring unforseen postal delays. Sorry for the delay this month, there has been approximately a 300% increase in bloggers cashing out. We have also been doing a comprehensive human auditing of accounts for click fraud to prevent “false positives”, after the system has automatically flagged certain accounts.

3. Singaporeans: Certain Singaporean blog publishers whose banks have had issues with Malaysian cheques will be reissued with compatible methods of payment, and should also receive it within 7-14 days.

4. The Rumpun Gathering was a great success and it definitely did berjaya! Look out for not one, but two upcoming sponsored gatherings over the next two months!

5. We have something very the interesting one, planned for Merdeka, coming very soon. No prizes for guessing the launch date…

6. We haven’t forgotten about the Advertlets sticker and button badge contest, don’t fret. Results will be announced within the next 7 days.

7. The RoomsDB opportunity for Malaysians & Singaporeans has been made even more lucrative, and the deadline set to 15th September.

And now for some important stuff, please read:

1. Unfortunately, we have banned a few more blog publishers for click fraud, and all invalid earnings have been disqualified, and returned to the network. We have recently upgraded our click fraud detection system even further, in addition to doing manual checks to make sure we don’t penalize anyone by mistake. We aim to encourage an honest, productive blog ad network, and would like to remind our publishers not to engage in fraudulent behaviour.

2. We will be starting to contact ALL individual blog publishers who have been requesting visitors to “click on their ads”. Our system has automatically flagged a few that have been doing so, and we are giving grace period of 1 week from this date to remove all references that encourage visitors to click ads. Please see the KnowledgeBase for further information.

6 Responses to “On Uptime, Speed, Payouts, Invalid Clicks”

  • Fahmishah Says:

    aiyark Josh Lim.sudah mahu merdeka baru promote ka?

  • Merdeka! Happy 50th Independence Day -- Nazri :// Mysight Says:

    [...] Well some of the links still not active. Maybe they still not launching it yet. but seeing the website ( ) being promoted at advertlets weblogs, it should be prepared and ready to receive a visit. [...]

  • Josh Lim Says:

    Fahmisah: Merdeka bukannya satu tahun sekali aje, sepatutnya semangat Merdeka patut disambut seluruh tahun :)

    Selain itu, saya ada satu “adat”, setiap tahun dari 2005 kita akan melancarkan sebuah laman web bertemakan Malaysia. Senarai di bawah:

    2005 –
    2006 –
    2007 –


  • sns Says:

    Dear Josh & Team

    Tks for upgrading to your 3rd Server!!! Guess business is good for you all! :)

    Glad to say that the Ads are looking good now on shoppingNsales!! Keep up the great work!


  • Fahmishah Says:

    wah…kamu sungguh patriotik…kalau semua org ada semangat macam kamu..sudah tentu ramai laman we berkaitan Malaysia.

    Fahmishah lar bukan Fahmisah

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