Putting the ‘bling’ in ‘blogging’ Riddle: What’s Going To Happen on The 24th Of May 2007? (16 more days to go!)

Big changes and announcements are coming soon to! On the 24th Of May 2007 the wait will be over, and…

1. Advertlets will launch new, non-traffic sensitive ad formats beneficial for low traffic bloggers.
2. (To be revealed over the next few days)
3. (To be revealed over the next few days)
4. (To be revealed over the next few days)
5. (To be revealed over the next few days)
6. (To be revealed over the next few days)
7. (To be revealed over the next few days)
8. (To be revealed over the next few days)
9. (To be revealed over the next few days)
10. (To be revealed over the next few days)

What do you think the new ad formats are? Write a blog post, guess, and speculate! Once you’re done, let us know the URL of your blog post to verify your participation in the contest. The 5 best/most accurate answers will get RM10 each in their Advertlets account!

* Contest details: Comments on may be moderated/edited to avoid giving hints to others, thus ensuring a fair chance for all. Full comments and all winners will be announced on the 24th of May 2007. One post participation per person.

Only those who have signed up with Advertlets and have filled in their full personal particulars and payment details are eligible to comment and enter this contest. Those participating the Advertlets new ad format beta run are not eligible to take part in this contest.

10 Responses to “ Riddle: What’s Going To Happen on The 24th Of May 2007? (16 more days to go!)”

  • yongkailoon Says:

    This is so exciting ! :D

  • Noor Azman Bin Othman Says:

    I admit, it is exciting but does it include all, even the pending one?

  • Josh Lim Says:

    Yes, you are free to participate as long as you are a member. Just checked – your “pending” status applies to the availability of all advertising opportunities for your account (you become non-pending when you get to compile enough demographics), and right now, you are already eligible for some of the advertising opportunities. Cheers.

  • Noor Azman Bin Othman Says:

    Thank you very much, Mr. Josh Lim. That’s a very good news indeed. Gee, I got lot of works to do to get me enough demographics results. Does that mean I got to pass the 50 demo results’ mark?

  • Josh Lim Says:

    The 50 demographics results will help you get more advertisers, as when we know more about your audience, the better we can market you to advertisers. In the meantime, we can match you with advertisers who would like to advertise to Malaysians in general for instance. I suggest you encourage your site visitors to take the poll, that helps a lot. Cheers!

  • Noor Azman Bin Othman Says:

    Don’t work too hard, Mr. Josh Lim or did you wake up at 3:33 AM just to answer my inquiry? I see that you didn’t read my blog coz that’s what my latest post is all all – encouraging my readers to answer Advertlets’s poll complete with it demographic results. Anyway, I thank you for answering all my questions. You got here one satisfied customer.

  • CincauHangus Says:

    didn’t u know? he sleeps at 4am, everyday. :P

  • papajoneh Says:

    Im new at all this. What I know i got interested and started putting your ads code in my blog. As at yesterday, i think so, or probably earlier, while im in the process of upgrading to new server and cursing the whole day down, I thought the coding or something messed up, suddenly the Exabyte – photo & gallery contest ads appeared! Shock and disbelieved. so i waited till today to check whether the ads still appears. Well it does. So, here an official thanks to you, Josh Lim and Advertlets ;)

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