24 Oct 2014 
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 I have not received my earnings. What should I do?
 If you have not received your earnings 30-45 days from the end of the month which you cashed out, please contact us. For your information, you will be able to see several different status options of your Cashout Request. Please see the following for de
 How Are CPC and CPM rates calculated?
 Your Advertlet statistics will show your daily earnings. Under there, you will notice CPM, CPC and CPA (currently not active), as well as your total. CPM (cost per impression) advertisements are based on the number of unique visits that your blog attra
 Why are my earnings higher/lower today?
 Your earnings will fluctuate as Advertlets automatically matches your blog with appropiate ads, and as of such different ads pay different rates. If you are experiencing high earnings for several days, congratulations - your blog has most likely been sele
 How is this different/better from all other forms of Internet advertising?
 Firstly, we are the first Internet advertising network to have real time demographics polls that are embedded within the page itself visitors can submit details without having to leave your site. Also, we are Malaysian-based and have on-ground, active sta
 Who are we?
 Advertlets is a team of digital/online marketing consultants who have served in markets such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, France, and the United States of America. Our team consists of creative individuals ranging from designers, programm
 What is Advertlets?
 Advertlets.com is a blog advertising network that offers the remarkably sensible proposition of targeted, unintrusive advertising that benefits the online advertising and blogger community, as well as their readers.
 Basic terminologies that I should know
 • Cost per Click (CPC) – advertisers will be charged according to the number of clicks by viewers • Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) – advertisers will be charged for every thousand times the ad is shown. • Geolocation – target audience b
 What languages does Advertlets support?
 Advertlets currently supports the following languages: English, Malay and Chinese. We will support more languages as we expand our network, if you would like to recommend us to support a language we do not currently support, please send an email to us
 What kind of budget do I need to have to advertise on Advertlets?
 Advertlets has something to suit all budgets. You can even start from as low as USD75 (RM250) for Cost-Per-Click Advertising. Or you can go for a larger scale campaign. In fact, we have a single client who has spent in excess of RM40,000 on Advertlets adv
 Can I ask others to click my ads?
 No, you may not ask others to click your ads. A notice like "support my sponsors", or "my sponsors" is fine, but you may not exhort others to click your ads. Naturally, if visitors are interested in an advertisement they will click, and to ask site visito
 I'm using a free blog hosting service, and the poll doesn't appear correctly.
 Our embedded poll code (within the Sidebar) will not work on certain blog hosting sites, although the buttons will be displayed. This is a restriction imposed by certain blog hosting sites, which disallow particular javascript codes. In future we will com
 I am getting a 'domain does not match' error
 If you are getting a "your domain does not match" error, please make sure that all your blog URLs are entered correctly under the "Blogs" section. The URL entered in the "Blogs" section must be the same exact URL that contains the ad code itself.
 Who is Josh Lim?
 Josh Lim is the technopreneur behind Advertlets, together with Josh Lim & Associates. He has been designing websites for over 9 years and besides being a successful web designer and entrepreneur, has also been involved in several community based web ventu
 Who's advertised on Advertlets before?
 Advertlets Advertisers include a diverse range of established lifestyle brands, local favourites and online portals: - Starbucks - Toyota - Hewlett-Packard (Snapfish) - EMI Music - Columbia Tristar - The Manhattan Fish Market - Digi - Informatic
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