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Jay Park is coming to Malaysia…and you can be his opening act!

Bloggers – we know quite a few of you are talented – and have your performance videos up on Youtube already – we’ve just got to find out about this recently and this contest closes tonight at the stroke of midnight. We really suggest you give it a try!

E!, the destination for your pop of culture is presenting fans with exclusive access to Jay Park—the Korean American artist who went multi-platinum and took online media by storm.  Not only will the multi-talented entertainer be seen on E! in his very own E! News Asia Special that will take you inside his journey to superstardom this December, Jay Park is making his way to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to give fans an exclusive showcase.  Even more, E! is taking it one step further with the exciting opportunity to be the Jay Park’s opening act!

Whether you dance, sing, beatbox or rap, all performers are welcome to throw their name into the hat. Simply send us a video of your best performance, as a solo act or a group of three, and you may be the opening act for the ‘Fresh Prince of Seoul.’ Visit to submit your application.

As a grand prize winner, you will win a trip to Jay Park’s showcase on 24 November; perform in front of a live audience, and have a chance to see yourself on E!. That’s not all—15 consolation prize winners will win two tickets to attend the private showcase.  Deadline for all entries is at 11:59pm on November 17 2013.

We look forward to seeing you belt it out and break it down to be Jay Park’s opening act. Be sure to cozy up with the celeb at the home of pop culture with E! News Asia Special: Jay Park on December 3 @ 9.20pm only on E!.


For more information, please visit:

Use, Share this Hashtag! #EspecialJayPark


Nov 17th, 2013

UMMC Survey On Coronary Heart Disease

On 25th of September 2013, the Advertlets team was invited to University Malaya for a survey called UMMC Love Your Heart Survey 2013. In the survey, 414 patients who suffered from CHD and have undergone Percutaneous Cononary intervention and stenting were posed questions about their familiarity with CHD, cononary angioplasty and cononary stents in the treatment of the disease. The survey sought to shed light on cardiac risk factors and treatment options as well as patients’ understanding of these issues. The survey revealed that about 73 percent of respondents had not even performed regular heart health tests before they had been diagonised with Coronary Heart Disease. Futhermore, 83 percent of respondents had not pro-actively sought out information about coronary stents before their coronary angioplasty.

Next generation stent technologies such as the Dual Therapy Stent(DTS) , which addresses the challenges of delayed healing of the coronary artery associated with monotherapy DES, and Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold were completly unfamiliar, with only two and four respondents respectively having heard of it. The DTS is an exciting and important one as it combines the best of two existing technologies. It reduces restenosis using DES and at the same time with Endothelial Progenitor Cell technology, allows for better vessel healing and a combination of efficacy and safety.the result is overall improved performance, explained Prof Dr Wan Azman bin Wan Ahmad, Head of Cardiology, UMMC.

On the other hand, 80 percent of respodents understood the importance of taking the two anti-platelet drugs, Aspirin and Plavix, as prescribed by their doctors, with only 83 respondents saying otherwise.

Additionally, the survey also revealed that:
66% of  respondents were aware that they could suffer from stent thrombosis(heart attact) if they failed to take their two anti-platlet drugs(i.e. Aspirin and Plavix).
73% of respondents surveyed knew that stent thrombosis could be fatal.
78% of respondents were interested to find out more information about treatment methods of Coronary disease.



Bloggers and friends chilling out after the talk given by Prof Dr Wan Azman bin wan ahmad, Head of cardiology, UMMC.


Prof Dr Wan Azman bin wan ahmad, Head of cardiology, UMMC  presented  his speech


In the hall of University Malaya




Media, bloggers and friends listened attentively to the talk given by Prof Dr Wan Azman Prof Dr Wan Azman bin wan ahmad, Head of cardiology, UMMC.


It was certainly a great talk given By Prof Dr Wan and i believe many of us were more conscious about our health after the talk and definitely would love to spread the word of awareness around the community! Having a health mind and body is really important people!

Sep 27th, 2013

Wine Appreciation Workshop with David Stephan


Last Wednesday, Advertlets team had a chance to be invited to a wine talk at La Bodega, Bangsar. Let’s just start off with some introduction. Basically, Wine Talk is a venture of Room Service Deliveries and Gastrodome Management Services, responsible for the famous restaurants La Bodega, Pressroom & Espressamente Illy. Combining their expertise in both fields, their aim is to offer more than just a wine-delivery service. With more than 400 labels to choose from the website; you can discover a new world of wines with the ‘Wine Club’ for a wine experience, unlike any other. Their tagline is “GUARANTEED SATISFACTION, GUARANTEED PRICE, DELIVERED TO YOUR HOME.”


That night, David Stephan was our speaker. He is a Sommelier & resident wine expert, studied hospitality and Sommerlerie in a professional school for 4 years from the age of 16 in France, with internships including stints in various hotels & renowned restaurants in Paris. In late 1999, a good opportunity allowed him to move to the exclusive island of St Barts, working in a 5-star resort. The island is famous for stunning beaches and also frequented by the rich and famous including ‘L’Esprit Salines’, one of the island top restaurants at that time where he managed a splendid premium wine list. He then took to Shanghai where he joined a local wine importer & distributor, selling and supplying fine wines to hotels, restaurants and private clients across the country for over 5 years. Isn’t amazing?  for someone who’s truly has the passion for wines and being equipped with so much knowledge throughout the years! Well, it was greatly an honour to have met David Stephan that night and shared some wine experiences together.




Oh, that night Founder of Advertlets, Josh Lim managed to have a short interview session with David Stephan.

Q1. What does Sommelier do?

Sommelier is a wine expert. Normally in the restaurant, Sommerlier is the person who chooses the wine for  your dinner. Say if you are not sure what matches for your food, Sommerlier is the who who choose the kind of wine to matches your food.

Q2. What kind of special services do you provide?

Basically, we have home delivery where we will come over your place to serve a wide range of wines that you have ordered. We have over 400 of wines, you can choose from the menu and let us know via email or phone call. We will deliver the wines at your doorstep.

Q3. What is the difference between a Srewcaps or natural cork of the same wine?

Screwcaps are actually much better for young wines, especially the whites, which interests come with their freshness and great fruitiness. Screwcaps guarantee the sealing of the wines, and lower the chance of oxidation, much more than a lower quality cork.


Wines that were provided that night



One of the wines served that night.


Bloggers and friends


Founder of Advertlets, Josh Lim with Wine Talk’s Managing Director, Mark Simmons.



David Stephan and bloggers from Advertlets


Bloggers listened attentively to Mark Simmons insights about wines


with David Stephan, bloggers and friends. We had a blast!


For more information, do log in to: and check out this video too:






Aug 19th, 2013

The Launch of Smashies Burger KL!


Citizens of Malaysia,

A sensational burger is in town. Smashies’ the name and it was officially launched with none other than the President of the United States, Barrack Obama. Ok maybe just his impersonator from Indonesia, Ilham Anas. The political icon representation was in homage to the recent independence day of the United States of America, birthplace of the original ‘Burger’ some 273 years ago. Following intense anticipation, “President Obama”  arrived in true presidential style at Smashies Burger in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, complete with top-level fanfare including his official limo, bodyguards and entourage. He received his first taste of a Smashies Burger, and officiated the opening of Malaysia’s newest burger sensation to much excitement and curiosity from passers-by.

Although it draws inspiration from American influences, Smashies Burger is very much Malaysian. It was started by former investment banker, Wil Soh. He said that ” throughout my academic and professional career in the financial industry, I had the opportunity to travel to many countries around the world. While I was in the United States, I discovered that there was nothing like a good, wholesome, juicy, mouthwatering burger. During my carrer, I would reminisce being in the company of great friends, having fun over a delicious burger. That’s the experience I wanted to create with Smashies Burger, and I hope many more memories will be made here.” So, that’s how Smashies Burger is formed and now we get to taste every bite of it!


‘The President Obama’ was escorted by bodyguards from his limo

These are some of the burgers that are currently available in Smashies Burger

Friends and Bloggers were enjoying their burgers with ‘Asia’s President Obama’.

The President and the owner of Smashies Burger were having their first bite of  the burgers!

Advertlets’s owner and the ‘Barack Obama’

The Advertlets team, friends and bloggers
















































Jul 9th, 2013

Whoop De Doo!



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